• April 16, 2024

A Great Manicure Starts with Healthy Nails

You can pick out the best nail polish but it won’t look good if it’s being used on dry, unhealthy nails with cracks around the skin and unmanicured cuticles. Here are some simple tips on keeping your nails healthy and in turn, taking your manicure to the next level!

  • Go manicure free every now and then. Nail polish and remover is harsh on your nails so to keep them looking their best let them go au natural at least once a month.
  • Apply a cream. Use a nail cream because they nourish nails and make them harder and healthier.
  • Cut nails straight across. Cutting nails in any other direction go against the natural shape of the nail and will lead to breaking.
  • Do not bite your nails! Biting your nails can damage them and the surrounding skin. It can also lead to infection.
  • Toss out old nail polish. Not only will old polish make your manicure look bad, but they can make nails predisposed to breakage.
  • Avoid acetone. Acetone can be harmful to your nails so use a non-acetone based polish remover or a natural alternative.

Follow these simple tips and your nails will be healthy and gorgeous! Looking for more great beauty tips? Visit our Facebook page and check us out!

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