• April 16, 2024

Freshen Your Face: 5 Grooming Techniques

Get your face looking and feeling better by freshening up some of your daily grooming rituals! We’re going to tackle everything from your toothbrush to your face cream (yes guys, you too should be using face cream!). These little adjustments to your morning routine will leave your skin looking fresher and younger.

Hydrate Your Skin – Daily

Everyday after washing your face, it’s crucial to moisturize! Moisturizing will fight dry, flaky skin and will keep it looking it’s best. Our Skin Perfecting Daily Moisturizer works great on all skin types and leaves your skin looking healthy. While you are moisturizing your face, don’t forget your lips. Applying a lip balm after washing your face helps to seal in moisture and keeps your lips looking plump, soft, and hydrated. Make sure to reapply as needed during the day because exposure to the elements can dry lips and leave them chapped.

Take Care of Your Tired Eyes

Applying a cream daily that contains hyaluronic acid will work best to fight your tired eyes. Hyaluronic acid absorbs about 1,000 times its own weight in water so a small dab is all it will take to plump up the skin and leave you looking well rested. Our Skin Perfecting Daily Moisturizer mentioned above contains this ingredient and will leave your skin looking well hydrated and youthful. 

Do A Deep Clean

A few times per month, it’s a good idea to use an at-home peel or a gentle exfoliator. This will help to remove any dead skin cells and the newer skin cells at the surface. Peels can also help with diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, and hyper pigmentation. 

Eliminate Unruly Hairs

Always keep an eye out for unruly hairs in your nose or ears. If you spot something, chances are others are able to see it too so it’s best to remove it. There are a lot of great nose and ear trimmers on the market that keep this kind of grooming a snap!

Upgrade Your Toothbrush

One of the most noticeable and memorable things about a person is their smile so it only makes sense to invest in a toothbrush that is going to keep those pearly whites just that – pearly white! Look at an electric toothbrush as an investment piece. Not only will it leave you with a whiter, more confident smile, but it will also help eradicate any plaque and gingivitis which will protect your health from things such as gum and heart disease. 

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