• April 16, 2024

Make This Foot Scrub Today!

Now that summer is here, you want to break out the sandals and set those piggies free but are your feet ready for the world to see? When your feet are calloused, dry, cracking, or in need of some extra TLC, it can be embarrassing. Stop hiding your feet and wear those sandals proudly once you’ve used this awesome foot scrub that you can make right in your own kitchen!

Sea Salt Tootsie Scrub

¾ cup fine sea salt
¼ cup coarse sea salt
¼ cup olive oil
¼ cup organic coconut oil

Optional Ingredients:
Your choice of essential oils
Vitamin E oil


Mix all ingredients together and pour into a glass jar. If you wish to add essential oils, add a few drops of your favorite and mix thoroughly. For severely dry or cracked feet, add 5 drops of vitamin E oil and stir.

Salt scrubs have become a favorite for many beauty experts because of the wonderful exfoliation the sea salt provides. Scrubs like these can be used on the majority of your body but be sure to avoid the face and any other areas that may be extra sensitive. If you are looking to switch things up a bit, try adding in some coconut oil. It’s sure to add a nice scent, wonderful hydration, and will change up the texture of the foot scrub.

This scrub is so easy to make and yields wonderful results for your feet as well as other parts of your body that need exfoliating. What are your favorite oils to add in? Let us know your favorite combination by leaving us a comment on our Facebook page!

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